A Beginners Guide to Masonry – Boston Equator

A structure that is constructed with stones, bricks and concrete blocks is masonry. The blocks are joined by using a paste referred to as mortar. The mortar works as glue to hold the stones to each other.

Someone who constructs using mortar and bricks is referred to as a mason. Most buildings around us utilize bricks and mortar in some manner. Masonry is present in all kinds of buildings, from small single-family homes to huge urban skyscrapers.

The history of masonry dates back as old as agricultural methods. It has evolved into an industry that uses more advanced tools. As we continue building more tools and technologies, the know-how and processes of masonry will only expand.

A growing population will mean the masonry industry will continue being used extensively. There are more people who require homes to call their own than ever before. People also require infrastructure, which also is constructed using the principle of masonry.

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