A Look Into Germanys Universal Health Care Services – Insurance Claim Letter

The median German expenditure on health is $5,848. Similar research shows that the US spends 17.1 percent of its GDP for the health sector, and Germany just spends 11.2%.

Many Americans have been looking to the German mandatory universal healthcare system for more answers.

Two options exist in the German health system. Statutory Health Insurance, (SHI) which covers 87% of Germans in Germany; and Private Health Insurance.

The SHI consists of non-profit organizations. They are referred to “sickness fund” privately. The fund is financed through a price sharing model which is shared by the German government and citizens.

To avoid price gouging To prevent price gouging, the government enforces stringent rules to ensure the safety of SHI.

The program SHI offers coupons for healthy lifestyles as well as periodic checkups. It is comparable to the rewards given by credit card companies.

Professionals, freelancers and those who make more than $60,000 per year may decide to enroll in a health plan that is private.

The German model is a priority for health services to everyone regardless of whether one is on the public or private options. This principle must be widely accepted by Americans, regardless of the fact that America follows this model or not. German model. fj5lk17wqe.