Building a Retaining Wall Step-By-Step – Interstate Moving Company

They are an essential part of many people’s back yardsand the overall design. These walls serve to maintain the symmetry of hills and curves from a straight yard, usually separating dirt or even mulch. Retention walls are often used for elevated gardens or flowerbeds. There are many options for building a retaining walls, however, the most popular is made from stacked stones blocks or compacted gravel. This video walks us through the making of 3 feet of a retaining wall.

First of all, you need a gravel foundation to construct your retaining wall upon. Flatter ground is better in order to avoid wall collapse and the possibility of warping. If the structure you have constructed is upon an uneven ground there is a chance that it could be a bit unstable. By using stone blocks accessible at any local garden store, construct the wall with an angle similar to an old brick wall, however adjusted to be a little higher to match the contour of the hill. You can prevent the walls from sinking by adding gravel and dirt in the blocks you set. It’s done!