Common Cooling Tower Problems – Spokane Events

e expensive. Cooling towers tend to be humid and hot. This makes them an ideal breeding ground for unwelcome bio-growth, such as bacteria. They are harmful to individuals and can affect cooling tower efficiency.

Corrosion is a problem when cooling towers leak. If water-borne chemicals flow through cooling tower systems, they erode the metal, creating tears. Always rebuild a cooling tower to prevent corrosion and leaks. Fouling may occur in varying regions of the cooling tower system. There can be a lot of trouble around cooling towers in various regions, like the areas of fill. The cause of the fouling is when cooling pipes or surfaces have been clogged with dirt, dust or other debris. If the flow of water is not through the filled area properly the air will not cool in a proper manner. Cooling towers are constructed to transfer heat generated from an industrial process, or chiller. The process can result in accumulation of minerals, which can decrease the effectiveness of the tower. To stop scaling and cut down on the operating expenses, owners of properties are required to replace cooling towers. tsnzpg58by.