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There is a distinction between the two. The court will determine the bail amount after reviewing petitioner and defendant’s bail arguments. This amount secures the release of a suspect from court custody, prior to the trial. Bond refers to the sum at which bondsmen agree to release a suspect. The bail amount is often with a fee.

Many traffic offenses don’t result in jail, but fines may be paid fast. Certain traffic-related offenses are very severe and can result in punishing measures. They can lead to the person being detained. If a person cannot pay the bail amount the bondsman will pay it. This is a cost. Bail bonds for traffic violations usually cost 10% payable to the bondsman number.

However, you must ensure you adhere to the conditions of your bond to ensure that you have liberty while on bond. The bond violation hearing is when you could be charged with a violation to be removed from bail or increased bail.