How You Should Fight Felony Drug Charges USS Constitutions

The challenge you are facing. There are a few of the essential things to think about in any given situation.

Weight is the main factor. In certain cases, such as such as possession of marijuana, weight may dictate whether this is an offense or constitutes a crime. Simple actions like having the drugs reweighted (hiring legal counsel for drug cases can be helpful in this case) will make a huge distinction.
The independent testing process is the next most significant aspect. In the prosecution case, they must make use of circumstantial evidence to prove that the drug was actually yours. If they could get someone else to admit to having been with you at the time you were in possession of the drug, then the prosecutor might be competent to use their confession against you.
The amount of drug the person is also a significant aspect. A prosecutor may try to declare that the defendant planned to sell drugs if you’re being charged with possessing large amounts of drugs. It is due to the fact that intent does not have to be proven in order to be conviction-worthy for possessing a prohibited substance. If you’re accused of possessing small amounts of drug But, you will need to prove that you knew the actions you took. louw92yx3k.