Increasing Your Web Traffic the Easy Way! – Technology Magazine

It can feel frustrating to find that your site doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It is completely possible that your website is colorful engaging, interesting and informative but isn’t achieving the requirements of seo that you require to succeed. “Site traffic” refers to how many visitors visit your site and, more importantly, how long they are on the site. As a designer your aim should be to increase site traffic. However, how can you go about doing this? In this video, we give us 10 fast and easy strategies to boost your site’s traffic.

Your article should have LSI keywords. If you’ve got content you’re very proud of, go back and post it on your network on LinkedIn. If you’re a member of a large number of connections through the social media site, linking your website’s address will surely bring in some site traffic. Don’t hesitate to share your content on Twitter. Some people even tweet their content six times in a short period of duration to ensure maximum exposure, so feel free to promote your content wherever you want to.