Is Ice or Heat Better for Your Back? – Bright Healthcare

The issue isn’t whether it is an immediate ache or chronic pain back pain can last for at least a year. It is a major obstacle to getting to work or living everyday life. It can result in an immense amount of stress as well as physical discomfort. When you experience back pain, you’re willing to do almost anything to treat it. Many opt for taking ibuprofen or some muscle relaxants. Ice packs and heat packs are two other popular methods to treat back discomfort. They are able to be kept near in the case of a acute attack. What is the best method in all? The video below demonstrates differentiators between ice and heat compresses for back pain.

When you put ice on your back, you’re preventing bleeding to whatever the source of the source of your pain. But it is true that heat packs open up the blood vessels, or allow more blood flow. Ice packs should be used immediately following an injury, within 72 hours. This time frame typically contains the inflammatory stage, which ice remedies. The ideal is to not freeze for longer than twenty minutes for a period of time. The duration for using heat can be reduced even further, and should only be done after the inflammatory stage is completed.