Sharing Your Links Is Sharing Your Life So Share Your Life

Quick, share this link! Do you know how to share your links, or link bookmarks into your social media of choice? Social media has grown to be more than just posting inappropriate comments and pictures of the food you were just served. Social media has become more personal in many ways.

The newest wave of social media is known as social bookmarking. This is the act of saving pages, or specific content from pages, and then allowing your friends and followers to see what you have accumulated. The Pinterest share link is easy. It is as simple as clicking a button. If you are on the original site, the source of the content that you want to pin, to post a Pinterest share link you simply need to click on the Pinterest button up in your browser toolbar.

Some websites have social media buttons available right on their sites, next to the content. You do not even need to access the Pinterest toolbar button. Along with Facebook, Reddit, email and other social media options, you will find a Pinterest share link, which will post the content to one of your boards for you.

The final option for sharing is repinning through the Pinterest site itself. This is my wife’s preferred form of pinning, as you can find that you have lost many hours just browsing through Pinterest board after Pinterest board, awash in a sea of cute puppies, recipes and wedding designs. As you peruse the endless streams of content, with every pin that you see, you have the option of repinning it to one of your very own boards. Once again, the simple click of a button and you will be able to pin anything you come upon.

Now you that you know how to pin something, anything that you come upon in your varied travels online, all you need to do is sign up for Pinterest. Get started on the next wave of social media with your social bookmarking account. You are just five minutes away from pinning your very own recipes about bacon and organic crafting ideas.