Simple Checklist for Drafting a Will – Insurance Magazine

It’s not unusual for people to discover Will preparation daunting when first making the decision. Writing Wills is an important element of any Estate Plan. When you have an effective Will in place, then you are able to rest assured that you’ve given your family and loved ones with the security they require to be protected when they need it the most. This video provides you with an outline of how you can create your Will.

In only 8 steps, you can draft your will. Begin by laying out the assets you have and contemplate your what you want to accomplish. Consider your digital assets. Documents required for Will preparation should be collected. Select your executor and beneficiaries. Nominate guardians. You must sign your Will. It is important to keep your Will safe. In the end, you may modify your Will or make any modifications that you require. When you’ve identified the assets, make your intentions explicit as much as you are able to. Your instructions should be clear and specific, including the names of the assets you have along with the precise names of the individual or who you’d like to get them. It increases the likelihood that your desires will be carried out as you wish.