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All of these are related to dental health. There are a few common dental concerns that an emergency dentist will treat and some tips for how to keep your teeth safe from long-term damage in the event of an emergency.
It could be due to teeth decay, hypersensitivity cracks or even infections. Sometimes, toothache can be treated by a dentist, but it is best to seek immediate assistance if your pain is severe or swelling. Before you seek emergency care, use a cold compress around the outside of your cheek.
Tooth chipped or removed
Warm water is the best way to wash out any blood in your mouth. You can then apply cold compressions for comfort. Take the tooth that has been damaged from its top. If not an issue, do not rinse or rub the tissue that is attached. It is possible to restore the tooth if it is not possible to fix it by soaking it using warm water, milk or salt.
Painful or swollen gums
Painful or swollen gums indicate an abscess-related infection. If you decide to seek medical attention clean your mouth with warm water, and then apply a cold compress on the area. 2q8mz4eqxj.