What Is the Difference Between Sublimation and Direct to Film Printing? – The Buy Me Blog

Simply put, the artwork should allow the colors of the garment show through to create a soft final print.

* Create an actual color

The colors actually vary from monitor to monitor. This applies to both monitors and printers. Because it has a wider color range, it’s RGB setting is advised.

Be aware of the Soft and Hard Edges

Truth is, you should be aware of sharp and soft edges. It is important to know that images with soft edges won’t be reproduced adequately due to their small ink or dots droplets. This could create the image however, they aren’t able to stick easily to the shirt.

Fills, patterns, and gradient fades.

DTF printers are able to use digital color technology. This can be used to full effect on the art. This could also help in making the difference between what is possible.

* Thin lines

DTF printing permits the use of fine lines and small floating type in your design. DTF printing can be used to create thin lines. That means you can use small floating type. 3a3fy2fx9c.