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FHA, VA, USDA as well as Conventional Mortgages,” Melissa Blevins talks about the various types of mortgages for homes for you to consider.

FHA loans are easy to apply for even those with less than perfect credit history. It is for this reason that new buyers are motivated to take advantage of. The cost of a downpayment is extremely low compared to other options. This loan program also charges mortgage insurance that protects the lender in case of the lender’s default.

Also, you may want to investigate the USDA loan, which is based on your income. If you’re qualified for the loan, then you will get 100% of the funding for the home, which means that you are not forced to make additional closing costs.

Another option for veterans in need of a home loan is through the VA. The VA will pay for the total cost; however, you’ll be accountable for the VA fees for funding. Conventional loans are the most suitable choice as you may be charged the upfront costs to receive the loan.